REI Lunch Bag and Lunch Sack

GearFlogger reviews the REI Lunch Sack and Lunch BagSometimes in life it's the simple things. And on a really, really good day, the simple things are also the inexpensive things. We had a good day recently browsing at REI and finding not one, but two – two! – lunch bags that cost little and are now in daily use at Flogger HQ.

The Sack and the Bag, hereafter referred to as… the Sack and the Bag actually… have the same capacity, a little larger than a six-pack of cans if you put it in sideways. The difference is that the fancier-schmancier Bag is insulated with a thin layer of closed cell foam and has a roll top buckle closure that doubles as a handle, velcro pocket on the front and a biner loop on the back. The only tricks the lowly Sack has are generous handles – mitten friendly! – and a small pocket on the bottom to stuff into itself.

Both Bag and Sack are insanely useful, every day, for taking lunch to work, lunch to daycare for the LittleFlogger, tall cool ones to the park for the big Floggers or just about anything else. It's a great day when for the price of a cheap lunch for two you can get two great pieces of daily-use gear.

Lunch Bag $11.50 at REI
Lunch Sack $7.50 at REI


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