REI Comfort LTG chair

GearFlogger reviews the REI Comfort LTG chair

Low to ground. If that doesn't describe my fat ass, I don't know what does. LTG, baby, and now I have a place to park it. REI has all our asses covered with the Comfort LTG chair, a supremely comfortable camp chair that also stands up to the inevitable Jack Daniels-fueled hijinks that will ensue because that's how your friends roll.

The LTG is a classic folding chair design that has a perfect angle to either put your feet up if you have a log handy, or to leave them down. The lumbar pillow slides up and down the back so you can get it just perfectly behind the sore spot in your back.

The only downside is the weight and space. OK, that's two downs. At six pounds you're not going to want to carry the LTG to high camp, although the weight is put to good use as it's rated to 250 pounds, which is enough to hold both my ample cheeks, even after a gluttonous evening. Second down: it only folds once so it doesn't compact down like some transformer chairs. Yet for car camping or carrying to the park or hooking on a stroller it's perfect. Here at the GearCave the LTG seems to live inside until it's called upon to perform in the field. It's that comfortable. And at the moment, it's that cheap, on sale at REI.

$24.09 (on sale from $34.50) at REI




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