REGGIE De Boss Women’s Cycling Jersey

Gearflogger reviews the REGGIE De Boss cycling jerseyRoad cycling is its own special thing, no two ways about it, and road cycling gear has generally little crossover application to any other sport. The one big exception is the clothing, which you can obviously use for mountain biking, cross country skiing and even running if that's your bag. We're not here to judge, except to say that road cycling jerseys are really the bomb.

REGGIE makes up-market cycling apparel that maxes out both form and function, their gear performing every bit as well as it looks. And… it looks pretty damn good. The women's De Boss jersey is a prime example. It won us over even though we're not normally fans of giant logos splashed all over things. With the De Boss you get the best of both worlds: an interesting graphic that is very subdued in a field of color that just pops, making for a lively and fun combination.

The De Boss comes in two cuts: fast and faster, which mean pretty much what you'd expect. The faster cut is designed to save watts for all you gram-counters out there – you know who you are! Fit in general is quite close, so if you like a truly relaxed fit for casual riding and/or a bustier frame order a size up. Once you slip it on, easy to do with the full frontal zip, you're going to feel a bit super-powered. The stretch is generous, the breathability excellent and the details dialed in. There is built-in reflectivity, and the three-pocket design on the rear features the REGGIE Rivet, a cool design touch that references the old rivet on the saddle days. A zip pocket stashes your mustn't-lose items, and a no-slip hem keeps your profile sleek.

If you're really into road work you're no stranger to paying by the piece. The nice thing with REGGIE is you really do get more for your money, a super-stylish jersey that will be at the top of your grab-bag come cycling day.

$125.00 at REGGIE




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