PuroCalm Earmuffs Hearing Protection for Kids

Gearflogger reviews PuroCalm Earmuffs hearing protection for kidsOnce you find something that works you tend to stick with it. Puro headphones are like that, featuring great sound, easy controls and features like volume limiting that are especially useful for the Littlefloggers in our lives. Their PuroCalm hearing protection brings the quiet to a whole new level, ensuring that our kids will ignore our sage advice by choice and not because of noise-induced hearing loss. 

The PuroCalm earmuffs are over-the-ear protection that effectively reduce noise by 27 dB. Since sounds above 85dB – about that of heavy traffic or a lawn mower – are considered harmful, there are a lot of situations where this amount of reduction will come in handy. Concerts, air shows, even riding the tractor with grandpa. Since noise-induced hearing loss is usually permanent, err on the side of caution.

We found the PuroCalm earmuffs to be not just effective but comfortable too, with generous padding, light weight and a slim profile. This was true not only for our 8-year-old but for us adults with small to medium heads. They have a good degree of adjustment built in, and the articulation allows for even more flexibility, so they should work for just about anyone who doesn't have a large brain bucket. When you're on your way to and from a noisy event, the PuroCalms fold up into a small package and stow easily in the included microfiber bag. One final thing we appreciated: the bright colors it's available in, so our Littleflogger can find them on his own without grabbing our more expensive adult muffs.

The PuroCalm is a great value for the price, and Puro makes it easy to feel good about your purchase because when you buy a pair of PuroCalm earmuffs they will donate a second pair to the KultureCity SensoryInclusive Program for individuals with autism and other sensory needs. Sounds like a win all around!

$29.99 at Puro Sound Labs




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