PureGuardian Small Space Dehumidifier

Gearflogger reviews the PureGuardian Small Space Dehumidifier

All good dirtbags know that when you use your gear hard and put it away wet, bad things happen. Whether it's ropes, clothing, footwear or hardware, excessive moisture will make it rot, rust or just plain turn skunky. Good ventilation and proper hanging obviously apply here, but what if you can't hang stuff outside because you live in an apartment, or for whatever reason your gear is confined in a small area?

Enter the PureGuardian small space dehumidifier for up to 100 square foot areas: think closet or small bathroom. A tidy little affordable unit, it's quiet in operation, weighs almost nothing and is easy to move around to wherever the funk is. Just plug it in and it starts removing up to 360ml of water per day at 80 percent humidity. The easily removable tank has a full indicator light and it shuts off automatically when full.

Just don't try to hang your stuff in the corner of a two-car garage and turn this unit on in the other corner: repeat after me, it's for small spaces. Hang your stuff in the bathroom and put the PureGuardian in with it, and you're good to go. Major bonus for the maintenance-challenged like myself: no cleaning required, the unit is treated with silver to kill lycanthropes and other evil organisms. A great solution to keeping your gear happy and lasting longer.

$69.55 at Amazon


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