ProStor Two Bicycle Floor Stand

GearFlogger reviews the ProStor Two Bicycle Floor Stand Cheap and useful is not just how I describe my most attractive traits in profiles for online dating sites. It also fits the occasional piece of kit that is priced right and just works. Case in point, the ProStor Two Bicycle Floor Stand.

I was about to make my own floor stand for me and the SheFlogger to keep our bikes upright for the transition at a recent run/bike slogfest, but then I saw this while shopping Lowe's for my latest debacle of a home improvement project.

The ProStor can be assembled to store bikes facing in the same or opposite directions. It's plenty sturdy and light enough to throw in the car for events. The wheel openings fit fat tires easily, and the spacing between bikes is just wide enough. If you're just looking for something to hold 'em up, the ProStor will do ya.

$24.97 at Lowe's



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