Princeton Tec Bot headlamp

GearFlogger reviews the Princeton Tec Bot headlampItty-bitty headlamps are insanely useful and should be near the top of your gift list this holiday season. Priced right for a stocking stuffer is the Princeton Tec Bot headlamp, targeted at kids but really, what the hell do they have to look at that's so important? The Bot is great for all sizes of peoples.

The twin-LED Bot takes two triple A's – included! - and the battery cover is held on by a single screw. This frustrated the SheFlogger until I pointed out to her, helpfully and with only the barest hint of condescension in my voice, that it is after all meant for kids, so the screw makes sense instead of a quick release. She didn't even thank me for this information.

The Bot headband adjusts down for tykes and narrow-minded people, and the light is easily adjustable up and down. The button is smart: if you press it repeatedly it cycles through low (9 hours), high (4.5), blinking (11) and off, but if more than a few seconds goes by pressing it again turns it off without having to cycle through the modes. The Bot also shuts off after six hours automatically. That's pretty cool; really, a one-hour shutoff would have been perfect.

The housing is water resistant, so when it inevitably goes in the toilet it can survive if you get in there fast enough. Overall the lighting is great, the design fantastic and the price so reasonable you have to order three to get free shipping on Amazon!

$11.88 at Amazon


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