PowerSox APF socks

GearFlogger reviews PowerSox APF socks Asymmetric socks? Whaaaaa? It's true! PowerSox, a Gold Toe brand, definitely knows socks. And one day they woke up with what my drill sergeant used to call a case of the ass. Why are both socks the same shape? Why? It doesn't make sense! No more, this ass-cased person shouted to the wind.

Anyway, I'm sure it happened something like that. In the end we have APF: anatomical performance fit. A left sock for your left foot, a right sock… you get the idea. They are insanely comfortable and available in three different cuts: quarter, low and no-show (low pictured here).

The 90% polyester, 9% nylon and 1% spandex is a great mix for comfort, durability and wicking performance. The cushioning, cut and flat seams are the next best thing to running barefoot. And yes, Virginia, they did mark the socks L and R. Now if they would just mark the size so I don't get mine mixed up with the SheFlogger's…

$11.99 a pair at PowerSox



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