PMI 5mm Accessory Cord

GearFlogger reviews PMI 5mm accessory cordI remember I made a mistake once. It was this time, I thought I was wrong but it turned out I wasn't. To that we may add a second mistake: I needed some accessory cord for prussiks and assumed – yes, you read that right, I assumed – that it would be cheaper off the spool at REI versus pre-cut in a package.

Fail! A package of thirty feet is on sale for $5.93 (normally $8.50) versus $0.32 per foot off the spool which is… which is… c'mon Google calculator! Which is $9.60 for thirty feet, a full buck-ten $3.67 more, which is a full pint of beer plus shitty tip (really, don't be that guy) in a dirtbag bar somewhere! And you get a free plastic bag and cardboard label with really tiny pictures of people doing presumably cool things with said cord.

Anyway, the PMI cord is to replace another package of 5 mil I bought that turned out to be polyester. The PMI cord is gloriously grippy nylon, which is much more suitable for prussiks, especially on skinny 8mm glacier travel ropes. Especially when they're icy. And I'm scared and peeing myself. Creating more ice, so you see the dilemma. And finally, it's in camouflage desert tan for your next ninja counterterrorism mission. Nuff said.

$5.93 (on sale from $8.50) at REI



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