Photon Micro Light II LED light


I fell in love with the original Photon Micro Light back in the day, huddled under a poncho in the field with Uncle Sam’s Army. Military maps are red light readable so as not to destroy your night vision, and the Micro Light is available with a red bulb.

This saves a soldier from the hassle of toting around the unbelievably crappy Army-issue right-angle flashlight. I’ve put mine through the wash and subjected it to various other torture tests and its always come through shining bright.

Small enough it’s easy to keep on a leash around your neck, the battery lasts forever and the new and improved version has a much-appreciated on-off switch so you don’t get lockjaw holding the button down with your teeth. An ounce of prevention available in a dizzying array of colors. Stay gold, pony boy.

$15.95 at REI


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