Petzl e+LITE Headlamp

Gearflogger reviews the 2017 Petzl e+LITE headlampThe Petzl e+LITE headlamp has always been a fave of ours due to its compact design. The e+LITE is perfect for car glove compartments, bug-out bags, travel and basically ultralight anything when all you may need is some occasional low-level light output. The new version, introduced last year, keeps the same small format with included handy storage case and still improves on the most important feature of a light: lumens are doubled from 26 in the old model to 50 in the new, now using a single and the higher output makes an already useful tool even more so.

The e+LITE uses two economical CR2032 batteries in a waterproof compartment that power the light in three white modes (low, high, strobe) and two red modes (strobe, constant). The batteries will last for up to ten years in storage, an extremely useful function for a device that you really need to work after not touching it for a year or more. There are two off positions at either end of the switch travel, which is an awesome feature because it doesn't force you to go through the white light modes to use the non-tentmate-annoying red light mode when you need to move about in the middle of the night.

For my tactical brothers who might be using this light on a two-way shooting range in Lower Trashcanistan, you'll appreciate being able to read a red light readable map without giving away your position. Add in the fact that the switch has a lockout position to prevent premature illumination – and battery drain – and it's Petzl FTW.

The newest e+LITE adds a much longer strap, useful for helmet wear, and the keeper on the strap now features a serviceable whistle, meaning one less thing to carry. Overall it's hard to see how Petzl could possibly improve on their newest e+LITE, but we're sure they're hard at work figuring that out. In the meantime, if you're looking for a just-in-case and/or ultralight headlamp, you can stop your search right now. The Petzl e+LITE is the way to go.

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