Pelican 3310PL Flashlight

Gearflogger reviews the Pelican 3310PL flashlight

Pelican is an iconic company, and mostly known for its bombproof cases, but we love it just as much for its lights: the Pelican 7060 rechargeable light has been at our side for many years of unfailing service to date. One of their new lights has impressed us as well with a few new tricks.

The Pelican 3310PL flashlight is a medium-sized handheld light that glows in the dark. At first we thought, ahh it's a gimmick, but it wasn't long before we were sold on the idea. Why? Because – wait for it – when you need a flashlight, there's a decent chance it might already be dark. But if the flashlight is glowing… well, you get the picture. It's easy to find.

The 3310PL is also waterproof to three feet. It doesn't float, so if you're really intent on using it on a boat for example get a floating lanyard to replace the included shoelace style lanyard and you're all set. The rectangular handle we initially thought might not feel so good, but we're happy to report that if anything it feels better, i.e. more secure, than a smooth round handle. The battery compartment tail cap cover locks if you desire, and three AA batteries come pre-installed; just pull out the mylar insulator and you're good to go.

The light has three modes: high, low and flashing. Battery life is listed as 8 hours on high and a whopping 200 hours on low. Just keep pushing the power button to switch between modes. The only nitpick we can come up with on this light is the button: it would be nice to be able to partially depress it to activate the light, without clicking it all the way down. The fact that you can't probably has something to do with the waterproofing, and it's really not a tactical light anyway so it's a minor concern. Overall we truly love the 3310PL, and wouldn't have anything else in our SHTF bag.

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