PacSafe 55 Security Web

Pacsafe55 I know what you’re thinking: PacSafe? Why does PacMan need a condom? After all there’s just him and Ms. PacMan, so WTF? With those little hairy warts chasing them all the time you’d think they’d want to breed like rabbits to ensure their progeny survive. But I digress.

The PacSafe Security Web is a force field for your stuff. It comes in four sizes fitting everything from a small backpack to a large duffel. The beauty of the system is the interlocking net of slashproof stainless steel cables that cinch around your bag. The holes are big enough to pass a small hand through, but once it’s drawn tight it’s extremely difficult to unzip or open anything. The whole thing wads up and stuffs into its buff little nylon pouch, and it’s fairly compact if a little solid at 18oz.

The PacSafe comes with a lock and three keys, so you can secure the whole tamper-proof enchilada to the nearest immovable object. This is great while you’re sightseeing, swimming or just leaving a bag in the hostel. It used to be that you could check your bag with this thing on it and be assured no one would take the time to screw with your stuff; you can still do that but you’ll have to get a different lock, as the included model is not idiot (i.e. TSA Travel Sentry) approved. If your travels take you anywhere near dens of iniquity PacSafe is your daddy.

$59.95 at REI



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