Outward Bound Map and Compass Handbook

Gearflogger reviews the Outward Bound Map and Compass HandbookThose of us with kids are on the lookout these days for fun outdoor activities to keep them – and us! – occupied. Outdoor skills-building is a great way for adults to brush up on skills and for kids to learn them. Outward Bound hands us a tool for doing just that with the 4th edition of their Map and Compass Handbook by Glenn Randall.

MACH is a really well-written manual with eight chapters that painlessly walk you through the fundamentals: reading maps and using a compass first, then topics like declination, altimeter navigation, GPS and orienteering.

Throughout the text Randall draws on his plentiful experience with stories illustrating the points he's making. He fits a lot of instruction in a slim 100-page book, and his clear text and frequent use of simple, easy-to-understand illustrations makes absorbing the information a breeze.

Although we still wish that the 1981 classic "Don't get Lost: How to Travel in the Best Circles in a Square World" booklet was still available, MACH is a modern classic that will inspire adults and kids alike to learn an old technology with timeless relevance.

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