Outdoor Research StormTracker gloves


UPDATE: We still love the StormTracker for all the reasons listed below, but unfortunately our suspicions about durability have borne out. The leather is just too thin and wears out too quickly under any sort of actual use. We can't recommend the StormTracker for anything other than hiking and driving.

ORIGINAL 4/20/2009 POST: Sweet glove of love, where have you been all my life? Outdoor Research has always made some nice handwear, but they've outdone themselves with the StormTracker.

How do I love thee? Let's count: WindStopper soft shell, tricot lining and full leather grip are a good start, and besides that's as high as I can reliably count, what with the missing fingers and all. What really sets the StormTracker apart is the fit. The leather is supple and grippy, and the cuff has a zip closure to snug it up so it will fit under sleeves.

These gloves have a full liner that gives it a wonderful combination of plush feel and dexterity for finger tasks. The articulated fingers definitely do the trick, and at a mere 3.5oz for a medium they stow away nice and flat in your pocket. The only downside was the price, but they're on sale so problem solved! One thing to watch: the leather is so supple I'm not sure how they'll hold up long-term, so if you're looking for a burly work glove these might not be it.

$38.32 (on sale from $58.95) at Backcountry Outlet




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