Outdoor Research Saturn Suit

SaturnThere are few things better than strapping on Power Stretch. A Power Stretch suit would be one of those few things. Outdoor Research hooks us up with the Saturn suit for men, a Farmer John style one-piece suit that makes all the right moves.

The Saturn is light, barely over a pound, and true to size. OR didn't just throw together a bunch of 150-weight Power Stretch and call it good, however. There are plenty of well-thought-out details like the twin reach-across chest pockets made out of a fine stretchy mesh material, so you can access them easily under a shell layer. The ankle cuffs are even a thinner material so they tuck in to boots better and avoid chafing.

And for when you absolutely, positively have to get your three-way on, the zipper on the Saturn is there for you. As much as it pains me to admit this, I've never had a three-way before, but now I'll never go back. This configuration enables all necessary functions in the most efficient way possible, and exposes much less tender flesh to the harsh elements than a rainbow zipper does. Highly recommended.

$198.95 at Altrec


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  1. A nice bit of kit, but why, why won’t someone make a hoody version with long sleeves and thumb loops? Exactly like my toddler’s all-in-one fleece number in fact. That really would be something for cold weather climbing.

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