Orvis Sandy Point Quarter Zip Pullover

Gearflogger reviews the Orvis Sandy Point quarter-zip pullover

Orvis, makers of many things for "the field" and purveyors of questionable marketing tie-ins like the 1997 Orvis Jeep Grand Cherokee – hey, my neighbor has one! – apparently also lends their name to clothing that they don't actually carry on their website but you can find on Amazon, exhibit 1-A being the Sandy Point quarter zip pullover. And yes, I wrote that run-on sentence just to tweak my high school english teacher Ms. Norris.

The Sandy Point is actually a nice pullover, and after wearing it for a good part of the winter it's become a favorite because it hasn't pilled, it's superlight and it does the job. The job in this case being to get my nasty sweat away from my fishbelly white skin. The Sandy Point has a zip that goes down just far enough (insert Stormy Daniels joke here), and the collar is just high enough to protect the neck without flopping around when the zipper is down.

The only thing we don't like about the fit – but others with a huskier build around the midsection will like – is that the side panels are cut a bit generously. It's not so big in the torso to keep us from wearing it and liking it, but it was clearly patterned for a thicker middle. Still, we find ourselves reaching for the Sandy Point when we just want a really light long sleeve under a down jacket, especially if we're going to be wearing it around afterward, because it is – and here we'll give Orvis props – a good-looking shirt. And a good deal on Amazon to boot.

From about $20 on Amazon


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