ORCA 12oz Whiskey Barrel Cup

Gearflogger reviews the Orca 12oz barrel vacuum mugWe are not cool enough to be fashionable whiskey drinkers, but that doesn't mean we can't pretend, and the best way to do that is drinking from our new ORCA Whiskey Barrel double walled cup.

Sure, underneath that handsome exterior the Orca Whiskey Barrel is a basic stainless steel, double-wall, vacuum sealed cup. It keeps hot hot and cold cold for as long as you need it to, but that suit, though! The wood look is printed on the steel – it's not real wood, probably for the better – and the two black bands are soft rubber or silicone that make sure your drink doesn't slip out of your hands.

ORCA did everything right with this cup, starting with the clear, BPA-free whale-tail lid. The lid is screw-on with a gasket, so once it's on it's not going to accidentally come off, and it definitely does not leak. The lid has two little protruding wings that let you easily get a grip to screw it on and off, and the pivoting piece that covers the drink hole has a gasket to. Two of them, in fact, one for the drink hole and one for the tiny air hole above it that equalizes pressure while you drink. The whole assembly did not leak even under inversion and moderate shaking, it's really well built. And bonus: the lid fits other ORCA drinkware.

The interior of the Whiskey Barrel is seam-free, so no welds to fail or collect nastiness. Overall it's just a super solid, beautifully designed cup that will draw comments around the fire pit. So as long as you don't mind explaining to everyone that no, it's not real wood, you're good to go!

$27.99 at ORCA



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