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Gearflogger reviews the Orange Screw

We see a lot of outdoor products around here, and one thing that is sure to cause an eye roll right out of the box is a pretentious and/or convoluted name, e.g. "LX5000 Ranger Pro XTreme Series Titanium Special Edition." OK, sure, after seeing it written out it sounds better and maybe we'd buy it but we're gear whores from wayyyyy back and that kind of buzzword marketing works on our tiny little brains.

On the other side of the product naming spectrum we find the Orange Screw. Can you guess what it is? Can you guess its color? Yes! Because the name is perfect, despite its subtle allusion to copulating with a certain hue of modern politician whose name shall not sully our page. The Orange Screw is made of recycled plastics and is tough as nails.

The Orange Screw – see, there it is again – does not leave you free of all decisions, however. You have to decide whether you want a small Orange Screw (9.5 inches and 1.8oz) or a large Orange Screw (12.25 inches and 3.6oz). We recommend you start with a small Orange Screw and work your way up. The small screws will give you about 250 pounds of straight-up pull resistance and even more at an angle. The only limitation is harder soil, for which you'll want a traditional nail-style screw.

The Orange Screw is not just another pretty name. It's purpose is to screw things, into the ground, and this it does. Whether you're at the beach trying to anchor an umbrella or a dog or a child (don't anchor a child = against the law, probably), or in the forest with nothing but two feet of loamy moss underfoot, the Orange Screw is there for you. It drives easily, and you can use the included clear storage sleeve as a T-handle to make it even easier. If you're just carrying a single screw, e.g. for pet tethering duty, just slip the sleeve over it and slip it into your pack.

Once it's in the large eyelet lets you clip a carabiner, thread a leash or tie a rope to it easily. As the ground gets harder you may need to dig a pilot hole, but that's about the only technical detail here. Tough, practical and simple to use. Really for the price they're hard to beat, and you're sure to find a use for them.

$21.95 for four at Amazon



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