Omega Pacific Phantom Screw-Lock Carabiner

Omega Pacific took a hiatus for a bit, but they’re back under the Rock-N-Rescue banner. That’s great news because they make solid products for people whose daily jobs require they stress-test gear while protecting their own lives and saving others.

The Phantom is a roughly 3×4.5 inch aluminum screw-lock with a large working area inside, thanks to the asymmetric D shape, and a smooth-like-butter locking action with high-traction knurling. The gate spring has a little extra tension in it, which is perfect for a working biner like this because you want it to snap closed like Cartman: with AUTHORITAH!

The keylock nose has absolutely zero hook on it, so no worries about snagging ropes and belay loops. The gate opening is a spacious 7/8″, and it weighs under three ounces yet rocks the strength-to-weight ratio with a 28kN (6,294 lbf) major axis rating. Thank you hot forging!

Something you can’t find in the specs is how the hardware feels in your hands, and the Phantom feels great. It’s large enough to handle easily with gloves on, the ribbing makes it easy to get and keep a positive grip, and the action is so nice you end up treating it like a fidget spinner until the Sheflogger tells you to quit snapping that damn thing.

Also appreciated is the reasonable pricing. It’s easy to go broke kitting out a working rack for a jobsite, so $30 screw-lock biners are not on the menu. So welcome back Omega Pacific!

$14.99 at Rock N Rescue



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