NozKon nose protector

NozkonA little something for your schnoz, the NozKon is a better but still not perfect nose protector. I suppose these things work for most people most of the time, but mountaineering in general and glacier mountaineering specifically require a little more from a nose shield.

What's great about the NozKon, aside from the clever name: ability to cut down the size for smaller noses, soft material and natural curved shape. What could be better: a little more coverage where the nose meets the face a longer loop for technical sunglasses (you could always cut it down) would be a great start.

Ideally the bottom of the NozKon would bend inward to protect the tip and sides of the nostrils; that would be seriously cool if they could figure out how to make that work. Until the perfect nose protector comes along the NozKon is probably the best thing going, unless you make your own out of duct tape.

From $4.99 at NozKon



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8 responses to “NozKon nose protector”

  1. Sunscreen is just not enough gun on a multiweek high-altitude glacier mountaineering trip. Zinc is better, but a mechanical solution like the NozKon or plain old duct tape is best. You still have to goop your face and under your nose anyway.

  2. If the editor of this blog wants a free sample gimme a shout back.
    If your nose is suffering from frostbite and/or sunburn…Then, you need to hook up a Beko, nose cover, onto your favorite eye wear. Beko fits easily onto all types of eye wear. Beko fits onto wire frame or plastic frame sunglasses, and ski goggles.
    Beko reduces over-exposure from the harsh elements of sun, frost, and wind. Beko works in hot or cold climate from the surface of the ocean to the top of the highest peaks. Beko is doing the job your nose deserves to enjoy.
    Beko is also soon to launch three new face masks that are all designed for maximum warmth that won’t fog your eye wear. Beko products are designed by a former Mammoth Mountain ski patrol. Beko is made in the USA.

  3. NozKon, you have been there all by your self to long, Behold. The Nose Ultraviolet Light Protection Shield is coming soon.
    For those looking for a more stylish protection.

  4. offers the original nose cover protection that was invented by a former Mammoth Mountain Ski Patrol in 1993. Beko has been to the top of Everest since 1996. Beko will not overheat your nose or fog your eye wear in hot or cold climate.
    Beko will also prevent frostbite on your nose in a blizzard conditions without flipping up in 100 MPH wind conditions or while flying off 60′ vertical cliffs or soaring down the mountain at mach speed.
    Plus, Beko easily attaches to all three types of eye wear: wire frame, plastic frame, and ski goggles and it’s available in 5 sizes. Beko provides comfortable and practical nose protection that creates total sunblock.

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