Novara Slider bottle cage

Novaraslider There are a few small things that cost very little yet make a profound improvement in your life. One of these is the humble bottle cage. Bottle cages are simple things, not really any features to compare, so what do you look for? That would be price.

The Novara Slider bottle cage is five bucks. This is a conundrum only if you're clutching your last Lincoln and trying to decide, bottle cage or pint of good beer? That's tricky, and we want to avoid conundrums or any other strange word we don't really understand the meaning of. So, to solve this problem, go to REI when you have ten bucks. Buy a Slider bottle cage, that should leave you five bucks, unless you made a mistake, in which case get your money back and start over. Take the remaining five bucks and go get yourself a pint.

This is what you pay me for: good advice ending in beer. You'll appreciate the Slider too; it's got a decent weld, and the design works smoothly to hold and release the bottle. You don't have to slide the bottle out too far to get it free, which is good because if you're jockeying a full-suspension bike like me there's not a lot of clearance inside the frame.

$5.00 at REI




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