North Face Caber Hybrid jacket

CaberDon’t confuse The North Face Caber Hybrid with those cars that are saving the earth look stupid. This is a high-performance combination hard and soft shell that shoots for the holy grail (why isn’t there a jacket called the Vorpal Bunny?) of waterproofness and breathability.

My partner swears by this jacket, and not at it, which is not true of all his gear. At only 24oz it doesn’t really fit his climbing style, best described as "go heavy or go home." Still, he seems pretty comfy with its combination of breathable stretch fabric panels and hard shell facing material.

The hood fits cleanly over a helmet, it vents well and it has that most important of design factors: the fleece-lined chin guard, which prevents the dreaded Columbian neck tie look. If you really need weatherproof as opposed to the weather resistance of a soft shell, here’s your ticket.

$278.95 at


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