NiteRider Focus+ 110 Flashlight

Gearflogger reviews the NiteRider Focus+ 110 flashlightFlashlights are everywhere these days, and you can pick one for just about any specialized use you can imagine. None of that choicework helps if you don't have the light on you when you need it, and that's where penlight-style flashlights come in. NiteRider has you covered with the Focus+ 110 flashlight, which carries easily and does a little bit of everything.

The Focus+ 110 is the smallest in NiteRider's Focus+ line, which goes from 110 lumens up to 1,000 lumens. We really like the 110 for a number of reasons, first and foremost being it's small size, just 5 inches long and 5/8 of an inch in diameter. That's perfect for carrying in a pocket with the included clip, or clipping to the MOLLE loops on the side of a trauma kit. And bonus: for you EMS folks out there the three light modes – 10, 55 and 110lm, with 16, 5 and 2 hour runtimes respectively – include a low setting dim enough for performing a pupil test.

The 110 has some other great features too, starting with the magnet on the base that lets you stick the light to your refrigerator, a vehicle or whatever metal surface is handy. The Focus+ 100 is USB rechargeable with the included micro USB cable, great for car, battery pack and solar charger use. Note that it will not take an AAA battery, although that would be a very cool upgrade (hint). The clip can even be reversed to attach the light to the bill of a ball cap, just pay attention to the little flat spot you have to line up to slide the clip over the threads.

Maybe the coolest feature is the namesake focus ability. Just slide the bezel on the light end forward to get a tighter beam, and back for a flood effect. Four feet from a wall the spot is about two feet across, versus four feet across for the flood, or you can dial in anything in between. You lose candelas – light on the target – as you increase flood, but you get a great area light that easily lights up a 15×15 foot room. With the spot you can easily reach out 60 feet in the dark, a feature we found very useful the past week as we walked trick-or-treating kids past dark yards where moose were bedded down in the neighborhood. Don't want to knock on that door! The versatility of this light is hard to overstate, and it all adds up to the Focus+ 110 being a perfect everyday carry flashlight.

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