NiteRider 40 Rear Bike Light

Gearflogger reviews the NiteRider 40 Rear Bike Light

For some time now the new normal has been bikes sharing the road with cars. It's time we all just accept that resolve to coexist, at least until driverless cars let everyone chillax. Part of cycling at night and cycling with cars is assuming responsibility for your visibility, and NiteRider is here to help.

NiteRider, aside from having a truly cool name with a great 80s reference, builds quality lights. The ultralight Sentinel 40 uses a bright red LED bulb and a micro-USB-chargeable lithium-polymer battery for 4 to 36 hours of flashing operation, depending on mode.

And oh the wealth of modes. Press the left button to cycle through rapid-fire pulse, slow pulse, constant bright and constant dim. Press the right button to activate the secret weapon, ten foot long laser – frickin lasers! – lane markers, which you can also cycle through slow flash, fast slash and constant modes. The combination of light and laser is extremely effective at dissuading cars from harshing your vibe by riding your ass.

The Sentinel 40 is built like a tank, with a pocket clip that can also be slotted into a simple and effective seat post mount that uses a thick rubber strap to fit any seatpost quickly and easily. The micro-USB cable is included, and the port on the bottom is covered by a thick rubber plug to keep the outside out. The whole thing is just really well put together, and if you're looking for a gift for yourself or a loved – or even liked! – one, you can't go wrong with the Sentinel 40.

$50.00 at REI



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