Nalgene Elevation hydration pack

ElevationThe Nalgene Elevation hydration pack is part of a new series of hydration packs that feature real innovation in design. My favorite feature: a magnetic clip that secures the bite valve to the sternum strap.

Another nice touch is a quick-connect valve for swapping out bladders; just pop the empty out and pop a new one in, no fussing with rethreading the tube. There’s also a visual water level indicator, glow-in-the-dark panels for safety, side and front mesh pockets and a sunglass compartment with a soft, no-scratch lining. Why don’t more packs have that?

The pack is a little schitzophrenic, for example including an ice axe loop, internal pocket organizers that seem to target students and a bike light strap. It’s solidly built, perhaps even overbuilt, but that’s ideal for someone who wants to use the same pack for school, biking and light hiking.

The Elevation is the largest in the series with 1,220ci cargo space, suitable for day hikes where you need to carry a little extra gear. Also comes in a prettier, smaller verson for women called the Larkspur.

$74.99 at Nalgene Outdoors


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