Mystery Ranch Spiff Kits

Gearflogger reviews the Mystery Ranch Spiff KitStuff to hold stuff is the best, and Mystery Ranch never disappoints with their stuff-holding stuff. We're used to ogling their packs, which are known by those who need to know for their bomber construction and mission-first design. But the little things matter too, and we are pleased to see that the Ranchers brought their A-game to a small but essential piece of stuff-holding stuff, the Spiff Kit, a.k.a. Dopp kit, after Charles Doppelt. But you knew that.

Mystery Ranch's Spiff Kit comes in two sizes, small and large, and you can watch their video to see how they compare. Be aware that the small is quite a bit smaller than the large, which is actually nice because they can serve two completely different purposes. Both sizes sport a clamshell design with two main compartments inside. The small kit is nice and simple with an elastic loop (for toothbrush, sharpie, or decompression needle) and middle zip to an open compartment on one side, and a U-zip on the other to a compartment with two small organizers. This kit is perfect for small toiletries, electronic cable organizer, or minimalist trauma kit.

The large kit is much bigger, big enough for a group medical kit for example. The two compartments are identical with a U-zip that accesses two small and one large organizer, plus a long narrow mesh pocket on the front, also perfect for toothbrush, sharpie, or decompression needle, and the like. Just don't confuse the toothbrush with the decompression needle or that's gonna hurt.  There is a hang hook on top for convenience, and both sizes sport nylon loops on three sides for attaching to larger kit.

The Spiff Kits are awesome in both sizes. They are available in black, foliage, blue, and wood waxed. We went with the foliage green, and appreciated the high-visibility orange interior that makes it easy to locate small items, especially in the large kit. The wood waxed is a little different material; we haven't gotten our hands on it yet, although we are waiting on a new Mystery Ranch Mission Rover 30L travel pack in wood waxed, so we'll report back on that. Bottom line, if you're looking for a bombproof small or medium organizer bag for whatever your mission requires, check out the Mystery Ranch Spiff Kits.

$45.00 (small) and $65.00 (large) at Mystery Ranch



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