myCharge AdventureMax Portable Charger

Gearflogger reviews the myCharge AdventureMax portable chargerPortable chargers are a dime a dozen these days, so it's nice to see a design that makes an extra effort to cater to outdoors use. The myCharge line of chargers has long been a favorite of ours for their ruggedness and reliability, and the new myCharge AdventureMax 10,500mAh charger fits right in, allowing you to charge two devices at once with dual USB ports.

The AdventureMax is just a little larger than a deck of playing cards and comes with an attached carabiner that is actually a usable size, not like the tiny purse-strap biners you see thrown on as an afterthought to a lot of products. The hole is not big enough to accept a standard biner, but no biggie: just rig some cord and you're good to go.

Hit the power button to see the charge status with 4 easily readable lights. The AdventureMax, like all the myCharge products, will hold its charge for quite a long time, even up to a year. The myCharge is smart enough to recognize when the device it's charging is full and it will turn off, ditto when you're charging the myCharge itself via the included micro USB cable. It also has pass-through charging so you can charge both the power bank and your devices at the same time.

The 10,500mAh is enough for multiple phone and/or tablet charges, perfect for a few days to a week in the sticks depending on how intensively you use it. The AdventureMax has a rubberized coating that gives some bump and drop protection, and more importantly it's splash- and dust-proof, so go ahead and sling it on the outside of your pack while you're happily humping down the trail. The AdventureMax is ready when you need it.

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