myCharge Adventure H2O Portable Charger

Gearflogger reviews the myCharge Adventure H2O portable chargerPortable power has never been more convenient, which is good news because we've never had so many devices that require frequent recharging: smart phones, tablets, watches, GPS, phasers, flux capacitors, you name it. All these things have legitimate roles in backcountry travel and frontcountry convenience, not to mention emergency and disaster preparedness. The last is frequently on our minds here at Gearflogger HQ in Anchorage, Alaska, as we approach the one year anniversary of the 7.1 quake last November 30. The occasional aftershock makes it even harder to forget.

One of our favorite portable power brands is myCharge, and their latest myCharge Adventure H2O adds an important feature to their lineup. First, the basics: the H2O serves up 15,000mAh of juice, enough to recharge an iPhone X about five times and an iPad Pro about twice. Better yet the H2O has a 2.4A output to match the circuitry of the latest devices out there. It's not quite fast charging as supported in some latest-generation devices, but it's the next best thing.

All that's great, but the secret ingredient in the H20 is its IP67 waterproof rating. That's the highest level of dustproof (the first digit: 6 out of a possible 6) and the second-highest level of waterproof (the second digit: 7 out of a possible 8). In the real world, IP67 protects against total immersion to a depth of three feet for 30 minutes. The H2O doesn't float, but you can use the built-in carabiner to secure the H2O against loss by attaching it to something that does: you or a camera float, for example.

The H2O has a convenient form factor at about 1x3x6 inches, with a gasket-style cover that opens to reveal two USB-A ports for simultaneous charging, and a USB-C port for charging the power bank itself with the included USB-A to USB-C cable. Charging status of the power bank is indicated by four bright lights that activate when you press the power switch on the side. myCharge really does pay attention to details, down the the clear and concise instruction card included. If you're looking for waterproof power, the Adventure H2O is your ticket.

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