MSR XGK EX stove

Xgk_exI bought my first MSR XGK stove in 1989, and if I remember correctly it was on at least its second iteration even then. And that was before your fancy shaker jet technology, punk. The new XGK EX has evolved nicely for its intended use by high-altitude, cold weather expeditions.

The XGK EX runs on gas, low-grade kerosene, auto fuel, aviation gas, diesel #1, Klingon piss and other unlikely fluids. If you’re looking to commune with nature, better do it before you fire this bad boy up, because quiet it ain’t. But at 8,000 meters you really don’t care, you just want it to melt snow and boil water. That it’ll do and tout suite, which is French for fart quickly, which you have to because the XGK on white gas will boil 1.5L in a fast 3.5 minutes.

The stove itself weighs 10.9oz, the fuel pump 2.2oz, heat reflector and windscreen 2.1oz, small parts kit .5oz for a total of less than a pound, all of which fits in a 2L pot alongside a pot handle, lighters, etc. It doesn’t simmer, but that’s not a real issue when you’re mostly melting water for dehydrated meals and drinking. The only real quibble is that it’s somewhat awkward to light through the little slots in the body if you’re using a lighter. The XGK is still the undisputed heavyweight champion of the expedition stove world.

$149.95 at REI


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