MSR Titan cookware

Titan2lMuch better looking than its sisters Scandium and Vanadium (if you get that reference you’ve probably had intimate relations with a slide rule), Titanium is not just for body piercing anymore. The MSR Titan cookware is sized right for alpine use, and if you’re not on a budget the weight can’t be beat.

Significantly lighter than both steel and aluminum the big Titan 2L tips the scale at a feathery 8.4oz, plus 1oz for the pot grabber. Like all MSR cookware it has all the right details, including a rounded bottom (baby got back!) for better heat distribution and a rolled top edge to resist warping and ensure consistent lid fit.

The downsides of titanium are that it costs an arm and a leg and heat dispersion is not as good as aluminum or even stainless steel. That said, if you take a little care in how you cook it shouldn’t be a problem. MSR sizes its pots to nest, with the 1L holding fuel canisters, the 1.5L holding stoves like the XGK EX, and the 2L holding just about anything. The lid doubles as a plate, and the lid handle even has a little notch to keep it upright.

$89.95 at REI


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