Mountain Hardwear Scrambler pack

ScramblerSomebody at Mountain Hardwear must have woken up with what medical professionals call "a case of the ass" concerning unnecessary features on packs. I think the logo is the only thing you could eliminate on this pack and still have it be a pack.

The proof is in the pudding (mmm, Kozy Shack…): the Scrambler weighs 11oz. No waist belt, just the mesh shoulder straps, which are S-curved and quite comfy, and a sternum strap. There’s an ice ax loop, shock cord for external capacity, and the whole thing stuffs into its own pocket. The foam insert for the back pad is easily removable to reduce the weight even further, ideal for a travel pack.

It’s 1,600ci capacity makes it perfect for throwing in some light insulation, a soft shell and lunch for tearing it up on a day hike. It could serve overnight duty as well if you go ultralight on shelter and sleep system.

$49.00 at REI




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