Mountain Hardwear Lightweight Power Stretch Zip T

GearFlogger reviews the Mountain Hardwear Lightweight Power Stretch Zip T There is just nothing better than Polartec Power Stretch. We'll call it the miracle fabric of the 21st Century: it wicks, breathes, insulates and protects. And… it stretches around the baby, which is cute on a woman six months along but not so special on us guys.

Mountain Hardwear knows what to do with the new Lightweight Power Stretch, and their Zip T is a nice application. The fit is athletic, the hem long, the deep 12in zip vents all day, and the 2in standup collar provides great neck coverage and a zipper flap too. Flat seams and a slick facing make this piece a superb base layer, sliding effortlessly under outer layers.

And does it stretch. You could probably fit two people inside, which could be useful. On the port sleeve is a small pocket with a keeper flap – no zipper or velcro – that works great for small items. The Zip T is one of the most useful pieces of clothing in anyone's backcountry quiver, and if you're looking for something between normal Power Stretch and the pantyhose stuff, this will do the trick.

$70.00 at REI


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