Mountain Hardwear Lightspeed gloves

LightspeedMake it so! The Mountain Hardwear Lightspeed glove (also available as a mitten) is an evolutionary step forward in glove design. Mountain Hardwear is definitely out on the cutting edge of welding gear seams, and the Lightspeed features a welded waterproof Conduit 3-ply shell and a removable mid-weight fleece liner.

The system is waterproof as advertised, yet very supple and provides excellent tactile feedback thanks to an articulated design, light weight (7oz) and sticky grip that glues itself to ski poles and ice tools. There is just enough velcro to keep the fleece insert in place without having to futz around with it. The fleece inserts have a pull loop that will take a ‘biner.

The shells clip together and have a built-in leash, which is not removable contrary to what the product description says. In fact this is a weak point: the sample pair came to me with the weld torn open where the leash met the seam just inside the cuff. Any pressure on the leash will pull on this weak spot, so beware. You can cut the leash off and attach it to the cuff drawcord, but at this price it should come that way from the factory.

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