Mountain Hardwear Power Stretch balaclava

MhclavaI am even closer to my lifetime goal of dressing from head to toe in Power Stretch with Mountain Hardwear’s Power Stretch balaclava. The only thing missing is PS socks, and I will never stop looking until I have found this holy grail.

I’ve been a fan of PS forever, mostly because it does so many things well. It breathes, wicks and insulates well and provides moderate weather protection that’s sufficient for most conditions. It’s only natural that you would want to encase your brain housing unit in this wonder material.

MH’s ‘clava is one size fits all, so if your noggin is abnormal be warned. This means you, Brainiac. It easily fits over the nose and over the chin, a little more snug to fit it under the chin. It will also roll down into a somewhat bulky neck gaiter. The best thing is it’s tailored to the natural contours of the skull instead of the straight cut some manufacturers use. This lets you forget you’re wearing it even if you’re looking around a lot. I used to own two ‘clavas for different conditions, one ultrathin and one heavyweight. Now I just have this one.

$28.00 at REI


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