Mountain Hardwear Synchro bibs

SynchrobibA bib is a wonderful thing. You had one as a kid to keep food off your base layer, now you’ve got one as an adult to… well, basically the same function. Mountain Hardwear’s Synchro bib does the trick with their Conduit soft shell material, weighing in at a mere 27oz.

Bibs are the way to go: if you’re not wearing a pack you get the chimney effect where warm air off your body gets pumped up around your core. If you are wearing a pack you don’t have to worry about getting a waist seam tattoo. The trim fit means if your abs resemble a pony keg more than a six-pack you might find these a bit snug. A short zipper on one side lets you seal the bib tight and longer zippers on the legs let you get into them with boots on.

The two hand pockets are tailor-made for the slacker generation, and the centered chest pocket open from the top. There are crampon patches and integrated gaiters as well: the gaiters have an elastic and button closure that fits ski and larger mountaineering boots perfectly but is just a tad too large to secure around smallish single boots. The only thing keeping these from Denali Approved status is the lack of a rear zipper for going #2. For day trips where that’s not a concern the Synchro has become my second skin.

$239.95 at Backcountry


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