MontBell Mountain Strider pant

MtnstriderY’all know I get all round-heeled at the mere mention of Schoeller. But I do discriminate, and the MontBell Mountain Strider pant is a good example a la Suisse.

Constructed of Schoeller Dryskin these pants weigh in at only 18oz. They are tough, weather- and abrasion-resistant, and at the same time plenty elastic. These pants remind me of the Italian bra commerical: the only thing softer is your skin. The particular appeal of Dryskin is the soft inner wicking layer combined with a weather-resistant outer layer. Chocolate and peanut butter, baby.

So to recap: weather-resistant, flexible like a dancer at the Seventh Veil and about as tough-skinned, and reasonably priced to boot. For light-and-fast duty in the mountains where integrated gaiters and suspenders would be overkill, these pants hit just the right note.

$169.00 at MontBell


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