Merrell Morph jacket

Morph Merrell makes awesome footwear, so you'd think they could translate that expertise into apparel. You'd be disappointed. The Merrell Morph jacket is an abomination in the eyes of dog. Wait, that doesn't sound right…

Merrell makes a classic mistake in trying to produce an all-in-one device. The Morph has removable hood and sleeves, and everything is reversible, so technically it's an 18-in-1 piece. Seriously. Have a couple beers and do the math. What you really have is a jacket or vest, with a hood or without, and you can mix and match the facing. One face is a smooth nylon and the other a soft polyester with a jersey look and feel.

The overall look is 1980s Member's Only; it's not quite ugly, just outdated. With all the zippers and snaps required it's a heavy jacket at 1lb 11oz for a men's medium. Even the sizing falls short, literally: the sleeves will be too tight and short for most men who wear a medium. Performance is compromised pretty much across the board; it doesn't breathe or wick well, and will only shed a very light rain. Mabye a budget-crunched college student looking for something to wear to class might look twice at the Morph, but it should stay out of the backcountry. What can I say? Back to the drawing board, Merrell.

$129.00 at Merrell


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