MBT Navada X GTX Hiking Boot

Gearflogger reviews the MBT Navada X GTX bootWe've reviewed MBT fat (phat? thicc?) shoes in the past and come away impressed. Their cushy midsole and generous rocker takes a lot of the pounding out of pavement running, so it stands to reason that the same benefits accrue to off trail use as well, and the Navada X GTX hits all the right notes on the road less taken.

Looking dead-on from the side you can clearly see the extra midsole height, although from a normal perspective looking down at the boot on someone's foot it's not nearly as apparent. The Navada is actually a pretty good-looking boot, and the quality is top notch on everything from the stitching to the GORE-TEX waterproof construction.

The sole of the Navada has decently aggressive lugs with large voids between, so it sheds mud effectively and climbs on loose terrain quite well. As usual with MBT shoes, the rocker promotes an efficient rolling stride that is especially noticeable on hardpack. An unexpected bonus is on descents where your heel strike gets more purchase, because instead of striking on a sharp lip of the sole's heel you have the rounded heel with more surface area and thus better purchase.

If you haven't tried fat shoes yet, MBT is a pioneer in the field and will be a great introduction. If you're looking for that extra cushion for long hiking days, with the added benefit of waterproof construction, take a look at the Navada X GTX.

$259.95 at MBT




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