MBT Hurracan 3000 Road Running Shoe

Gearflogger reviews the MBT Hurracan running shoeFat shoes are all the rage the past few years, and for good reason. A thick (or as the kids say, THICC) midsole combined with a generous rocker (kids: PHAT) takes a lot of the pounding out of pavement running. So if you're putting in the miles (kids: KILOMETERS) on the hardball you might want to do your dogs a solid and check out the new Hurracan from MBT.

MBT is a pioneer in this type of footwear, and they've tailored the Hurracan for road runners who want a soft heel strike, smooth pivot and easy send-off into the next stride. The Hurracan makes stitching together the miles a lot easier on your feet.

Fat shoes have had a couple of complaints lodged against them in the past. First, they were ugly. Rest assured the Hurracan is a good-looking shoe and the design elements work so well together it's not obvious you're wearing a fat shoe at all. This was a relief to our fashion-conscious SheFlogger who tested the woman's version; she's a solid five-foot-nuthin' and appreciated not just the good looks but also the extra inch and a half of lift. The second complaint you'd see a lot was about stability. The Hurracan has no problem with sure-footedness, thanks to a subtle amount of splay from the insole to the sole, and also a nice touch on the bottom: a channel running fore-to-aft that allows each side of the sole to adapt to uneven surfaces independently, kind of an independent suspension for your foot. It works nicely, and as a bonus provides a channel for water to escape in wet conditions.

The fit and finish of the Hurracan are top notch. The mesh construction is breathable, and the heel retention is great. The only thing to keep in mind is that the fit runs about 1/2 size large, so order a half size smaller than your normal and you'll be good to go. And go. And go…

$199.95 at MBT – Use CYBER30 on November 30 for 30% off!




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