Matador Pocket Blanket

Gearflogger reviews the Matador Pocket Blanket

Small is beautiful seems to be the mantra of Matador, maker of many things compact and useful. Their Pocket Blanket is a case study in how to make an everyday item mo' bettah designed.

The Pocket Blanket is an ultrathin, ultralight 44×55 inch blanket that packs away smaller than a paperback book. I was about to say pack of cigarettes but I don't want to give any impression of endorsing those bastards. Aside from being thin and light, where is the design? How about a testimonial in five parts? Why yes, so glad you asked!

For starters (1) the stuff sack is attached so you won't lose it. The corners are lightly weighted (2), aiding in throwing the blanket out and dealing with light breezes. The material is water resistant (3) to the point where dewy grass is no problem. The material is puncture resistant (4) so rocky ground won't ruin it. And (5) the PB has red lines sewn into it that indicate where to fold. It's kind of ingenious, just fold along the red line, find the next red line, repeat until done.

The size is big enough for one adult to sprawl on, two adults to recline on, or two adults and a child – or maybe two even – to have a clean, dry place to put their butts. And really, what's better than that? Oh yeah, the fact that it fits in a coat pocket! File this under very handy.

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