Marmot Plasma parka

PlasmaMarmot knows that the solution to bird flu is to convert all our feathered friends into down parkas and sleeping bags. Pure genious, I tell you, and they’ve made a stellar start with this light (27oz), stuffable and super-comfy 800+ fill parka.

The oversize collar warms your neck, and a nice touch is the single snap at the bottom of the detachable hood; it allows you to have the hood up and secured in place while still leaving most of your face free. The reinforced shoulders minimize pack wear-and-tear, and the outside pockets will keep bare hands plenty warm.

The only complaint I have is that there is only a single inner pocket, and it’s not big enough to hold a 32oz water bottle. Two bigger inner pockets for this purpose would make a great piece of clothing perfect.

$325 at


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