Marmot Evolution gloves

EvolutionAs we come up on the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin (and Abe Lincoln, coincidentally), what more fitting tribute can we make than to crassly commercialize it? Hence, the Marmot Evolution glove!

The Evolution is a speedy little glove that weighs about as much as a Euro-teen bouldering queen, which is to say not much. It's just a thin layer of proven WINDSTOPPER – no kidding, it's in all caps, look it up - and a high traction palm and fingertips leather treatment.

The fit is close and articulated, the better to match our ape-derived meathooks. It's a nice little glove that disappears into your pocket so you can have it on you when you need it. Not to be used for heavy duty stuff of course, but makes a great liner glove.

$29.97 (on sale from $39.95) at Mountain Gear




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