Maloja UrsiaM. Women’s Multisport Pant

Gearflogger reviews the Maloja UrsiaM pantMaloja recognizes that most people don't want to own a pair of pants for every conceivable sport, especially if said pants cost top dollar to begin with. Here at Gearflogger we fully subscribe to the "buy once, cry once" philosophy of investing in quality gear, we just want it to be as versatile as possible, especially if it's clothing.

The Maloja UrsiaM. pants are as cool as their name is indecipherable. Versatility is built in to these German-made pants in a number of ways; first, the fabric weight is a light midweight, or a heavy lightweight, that is perfect for three-season use in most places. It's tough as nails on the outside, buttery soft on the inside and easily defeats water short of a full-on deluge. Mountain biking, climbing, hiking or skiing are all perfect applications for the UrsiaM.

Extending the usability is the design. Two hand pockets, a right rear pocket and a right front thigh pocket are all zipped for security, and the thigh pocket holds your phone as God and Jonathan Ive intended: vertically, without falling over while you're moving. The stretch fabric and integrated belt give you room to adjust, and the zipped cuffs make it easy to vent or pull the pants on over boots.

Want to wear the UrsiaM apres-sport? Definitely no problem, since the cut and color selection are nothing if not stylish. The contrasting belt adds a splash of color, and the reflective accents will keep you safe on the way home at night.

The only thing we'd like to see is a petite length option for the vertically challenged out there, but otherwise these pants are untouchable. If you're looking for an alternative to the basic black crowd of outerwear out there, take a look at Maloja. Versatile high-performance never looked so good.

$159.00 at Maloja


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