Magpul Daka Polymer Wallet

Gearflogger reviews the Magpul Daka polymer wallet

We're big fans of Magpul accessories in general, and minimalist wallets in particular, so we were excited to see Magpul release such a product. They do a lot of cool things with polymers and firearms furniture so we had high expectations. That's why we were very disappointed in the Daka wallet, even though we really wanted to like it.

The Daka is a minimalist wallet, exactly the kind of thing you'd want for your everyday carry. It' basically made of four sheets of polymer film glued together. On one side, the first layer, is a single slot that's perfect for cash money folded in half. The second layer is a complete sheet that serves to divide the single pocket side from the double pocket side. The double pockets are two more sheets of polymer with cuts to accept credit cards. The whole thing is maybe an eighth of an inch thick, and clearly will last forever.

Unless… the glue doesn't hold, which was the case with the first one we received. The wallet arrived with the thin edge of one sheet peeled half away. There are two quality control issues here: first, that the glue didn't hold, and second, that the problem wasn't caught before the product was shipped. We returned it for another one and have been using it for a week with no problems, but this is definitely something we're nervous about.

Otherwise it's a serviceable wallet for our preferred loadout of driver's license, credit card and cash. With all that it's still only a quarter inch thick. It does have a tacky surface that makes it a little more work to get in and out of a pocket, but one could argue that's also beneficial in preventing it from slipping out accidentally. It's also a little more work to get a card out because of the thin lip, but again that could be considered a feature and not a bug. All in all even if this Daka doesn't delaminate we still may end up just going back to our crappy old leather one that has survived the years just fine. Rating of meh.

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