MagnaReady Stress Free Shirt

Gearflogger reviews the MagnaReady Stress Free Shirt

OK, so technically the motto of MagnaReady is "stress free shirting" and they just call their products shirts, but! After trying out their shirt, we have Officially (TM) dubbed it the Stress Free Shirt because! It just is. And viola, we have our first candidate for Best Damn Product of 2018, and a leading contender for Best Father's Day Gift to boot.

MagnaReady shirts replace traditional buttons with magnets. Pay attention now: you literally just throw the shirt on, pull gently on the tails in front and you are rewarded with the satisfying clickity-clack of every single button magically snapping into place. The buttons stay in place all day, no problem, and when you're ready to take it off just pull on the cuffs – they too have a magnet button – and they pop open and the whole shirt just peels right off. Those damn cuff buttons are the bane of all men's existence, but no more!

MagnaReady has a serious and inspiring backstory: the shirts were created by the wife of a man with Parkinson's, a disease that renders many unable to complete fine motor tasks like buttoning a shirt. For them the MagnaReady shirts make possible the impossible. For the rest of us, they just make life easier. Seriously, if Apple can spend a zillion dollars to design a new HQ with no thresholds in the doorways – ostensibly to save their brainiac engineers precious seconds stepping over them, although apparently they just spend that extra time walking into the doors instead – they really ought to buy every employee a suite of MagnaReady shirts.

Our first thought after marveling at the wonder of the shirts was, where the heck is the MagnaReady tie? Well guess what, they have that too! That went straight to the Father's Day gift list. Our second thought was, stripper rip! So we marched over to the Sheflogger and with a swift, catlike motion ripped of the shirt. She laughed and laughed. Not really the effect we were going for, but we'll work on it. Do yourself a favor and check out the link below for short and long sleeve shirts and ties, including a couple of women's styles. The shirts have a very nice feel and drape to them, and they're 100 percent cotton, so if you're on the border of sizes go up. Highly recommended.

From $62.95 at MagnaReady



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