Mad Rock Alpinist Glove

AlpinistGloveI'm not by nature a violent person, but when I walk around with the Mad Rock Alpinist gloves on I feel a certain… attitude, if you will. Like Mad Max about to close the dealio with the mutants with heads sticking out of their chests.

Fantasy life aside, the Alpinist is a first rate ice climbing glove. The hard plastic knuckle protectors do the job and don't interfere with mobility at all, and the fingers are curved a bit to naturally grip your tools. The drawcord cuffs will keep the debris out as you cavitate your way to the top of your favorite icicle.

But best of all are the features geared towards minimizing the natural enemy of the ice climber, the feared screaming barfies. Sticky patches on the palm and fingers will help you to not overgrip and thusly cut off the insulation to your hands. And the shell is windproof, waterproof and lightly insulated. Sizing runs a tad small. The Mad Rockers don't do things by the book, and their innovation has really paid off with this nice glove. It's just gravy that it's priced below its quality level.

$69.95 at Mad Rock




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