Gearflogger reviews the LoopRope

You know what I appreciate? Brevity. Specifically, an economy of words in product names. Imagine my relief at discovering LoopRope, about as simple as it gets. And simplicity, it turns out, is the most attractive quality of LoopRope.

I admit, initially I thought "hey that's cool for people who don't know their knots and rigging," but I soon found myself appreciating the infinite adjustability of LoopRope for securing my crap valuable stuff in all kinds of places: on a kayak, in the back of a vehicle, basically anywhere you want something that's likely to move to not do so.

LoopRope is essentially an etrier made out of bungee cord. The cool part is that the combination of stretch and the small loops give you an infinitely adjustable cord for securing just about anything. See www.looprope.com for examples; I particularly liked the fishing poles on the ceiling of a vehicle. For me, quickly securing loads in the back of a compact SUV (Ford Escape), e.g. jumpstarter, propane tank, etc., is quicker and easier with the LoopRope that now lives there permanently.

The one unknown is strength, both for the cord and the biners; it's oddly hard to find out just how strong a given bungee cord is, but if you're not using it for climbing (you shouldn't be!) or another mission-critical application, LoopRope provides a very convenient way to quickly secure and release loads across a wide array of shapes and sizes.

$31.92 for a 5' 2-pack at Amazon



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