Loeka All Mountain Capris

Loeka Loeka brings the 'tude to the dude with women's cycling apparel. Although as certified knuckle draggers we have to object to their slogan – "the only thing you want touching your ass" – we'll write it off to situational ethics.

The SheFlogger certainly digs the All Mountain capri shorts for hard charging on the trails. The capris are built from a tough, lightweight polyester and have a ski pant like feel. The mesh lining and side zip vents let her keep her cool even when dealing with The Man. Two hand pockets and a side zip pocket hold the bare necessities.

There's a short stretch panel in the rear waist band "to avoid unwanted crack exposure while riding." Unwanted by whom? What if you're a mountain-biking plumber chick? Dilemma. The plaid pattern is fairly radioactive; you'll either be down with it or not.

$94.99 CDN at Loeka




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