Lizard Skins Micro Cache Saddle Bag

Gearflogger reviews the Lizard Skins Micro Cache Saddle BagHere at Gearflogger HQ, a new mountain bike usually gets two things added right away: a bottle cage and a saddle bag. We were psyched to test the Lizard Skins Super Cache Saddle Bag, but what we actually ended up with was a Micro Cache. Read on to see why that's important.

Lizard Skins makes many useful accessories for cyclists of all types, and some of their products – especially their grip tape, which we'll be reviewing shortly – have applications in a lot of other sports. But back to the saddle bags! Lizards Skins makes three different sizes of the Cache saddle bag: micro, normal and super. So we wanted to review the Super but ended up with the Micro, and here's what we learned.

The Micro is small. Like, really small. Too small to fit an iPhone X without jamming it in there. The Micro will fit a bike tool, small spare tube, CO canister and tire levers if you arrange them very carefully, and if you insert all the gear before you put the bag on the seat post. The Micro even has not one but two pockets on the inside, a longer mesh one on the top and a very small neoprene one on the bottom that doubles as extra water protection for contents in the main area.

So basically it's like a wallet, although if you want to actually carry a wallet with the other stuff mentioned above you'll want to step up to one of the larger sizes. Construction on the Micro Cache is top-notch. While not actually waterproof it will resist basically everything short of total immersion, even the zipper is water resistant. It also cleans up nicely, and the materials seem plenty tough enough for the long haul. The profile is narrow enough it won't interfere with your hammies, and it's got a strap on the back to attach a tail light. It goes on and off the saddle easily enough, and you can use the seat post loop to attach it to a belt loop or pack to carry it along after your ride. We found the Micro Cache to be a great little bag overall, as long as you're mindful of the size constraint. Of course you've read our review first, so now you've no excuse!

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